Accountability Pod

Welcome to the Accountability Pod website for Ollie Dieleman

Twofold Intention


Anyone who felt impacted by the work and/or behavior of Ollie, and have their voice heard.
Anyone who wants to offer input, or has any questions for the Pod.


A clear overview & honest description of how accountability is understood
The practicalities of the Pod
What can be expected and what not

What is an Accountability Pod?


It’s an intentional support system that helps people be accountable.

It does so by maintaining focus on the work that needs to be done in order to identify & interrupt harmful patterns to develop awareness & instigate transformative change/healing.

It also serves as a communication hub between the individual/group and people who experienced harm.

This site is still in early construction. Thank you for your patience!

Change/healing never happens in solitude.

An Accountability Pod is a proactive framework to activate community support.

Proactive Framework

To share pain and difficult experiences or emotions, people need trust. However, a lot of social factors can make this difficult, especially after harm might have impacted the capacity of trust.

The accountability pod is a proactive framework to serve as a first building block of extended trust. It’s a framework that is built on validating experiences, offering clarity on what can be expected, has explicit values on which this work is based, and connections that intend to activate personal community support.

Community Support

When harmful impact has occurred, those who suffer from it risk falling in isolation, as conflict avoiding tendencies activate in well meaning communities. However, healing & change never happen in isolation. 

Impacted people deserve acknowledgment of their experience and its impact. When there is a community network to support people through pain and difficult experiences, the chances of personal and collective change & healing go up.

Your voice is worth to be heard.

If you have an experience or story you want to share, the pod will listen.

Instead of silence, we strive for community support.
Instead of business as usual, we strive for growth through conflict.